Looking for digital inspiration?

We’ve been taking part in some fascinating digital workshops organised by Google and Highlands and Islands Enterprise in Kirkwall today, and it was great to see so many local businesses represented.

The number of hands raised when the speakers asked questions like ‘how many of you have websites?’, ‘who uses multiple social media platforms?’ and ‘who has used paid-for advertising on social media?’ were heartening to see – Orkney really is becoming digitally connected!

The final part of the afternoon was about social media strategy and how to engage with an audience. It struck us that this was one aspect that local businesses might still be struggling with.

We regularly hear the same concerns from people when they approach us for advice. Topics usually include fears over having nothing interesting to say, running out of things to share and not owning a fancy camera!

We think everyone has something interesting to share. Everyone has a story to tell.

If you own a bed and breakfast near the beach, take a regular walk on the shore and post photos of the things you find.

If you make delicious cheese then take people through the process of making it, from gate to plate.

Just because it’s everyday life to you, it doesn’t mean it’s not interesting and engaging for others.

Plan ahead, too. If you’re launching a new product then tease people with the branding or the name. Speak to your customers – see how they found you and ask them why they engaged with you.

Remember, it’s social media – be social, be yourself!

We’re here to help answer all these questions and concerns. Collectively we’ve spent more than twenty-five years speaking to people, finding their stories and getting them out to the wider world in a warm and engaging way.

We can do the same for you, be it in a blog, in a video or with photography.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to discuss your content plans further. Let’s keep Orkney at the forefront of the digital revolution!