The Start Point

Hello and welcome to our website! We are Andrew and Fionn from Start Point Media and this blog is just a chance for us to set our stall out, tell you what we’re about and what we hope to do.

So, the basics.

We formed Start Point Media in February 2017 after successfully bidding for a number of digital content-related public contracts here in Orkney.

We both come from a media background, having spent a collective 23 years at the local radio station BBC Orkney, creating and producing content for radio and television. Early mornings apart, that job is one of the best in the islands, so any change of scene had to be worth it.

We think – and hope – we’ve found it.

The idea behind Start Point Media has been bubbling away for a while. In our BBC roles we knew that all aspects of life in Orkney were full of stories, but perhaps the people behind them didn’t have the time or tools to tell them properly.

That, essentially, is what we want to do.

Orkney has one of the most diverse and talented business communities anywhere in the country. Where else in a population of twenty-odd thousand would you find gin distilleries, breweries, cheese producers, fishermen, farmers, Neolithic tomb owners AND dive boat operators?

We want to help local businesses and services like these tell their stories digitally, in a creative, engaging, inspiring and informative way. Andrew gets them across through blogs, web articles and social media posts. Fionn sees the stories through the lens of his camera and creates videos and photography. But it’s the people and places that are most important.

We’re both passionate about these islands. Orkney is a beautiful place, with vibrant communities and a warm and welcoming way of life. Who wouldn’t want to sell those stories to the wider world?

So, that’s our pitch, our opening salvo. We’ll be keeping you up to date with our adventures over the coming months, but we don’t want this to turn into the ‘here’s what we think you should be doing’ type of website. Instead, we’re going to talk about our experiences of life here, and of working in Orkney.

In the meantime take a look at the rest of the website and follow us via Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

We hope you’ll join us.

Andrew and Fionn.